Friday, 30 November 2018


in room 25 we have been learning about ratios and this week of doing ratios is fun because we got to mix are own colours like orange/red or blue this is what I did with most of these.

writing my visual description

this week we have been learning about how to write are visual description and this is what I came up with

Draw my description

It is a animal

It has a oval shaped body

And it has rectangle legs

It has an oval head

Triangle plates on the body and tail

Circle eyes

Big ears

Huge whiskers

With rockets on the side of the body

It has a long as tail

A eagle beak and claws

Also a lion mane

Friday, 23 November 2018

Class Journal


Hi my name is Marley F and this is my own class journal and I hope you like it.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Athletics at Lovelock track

On Tuesday 6th November Puriri and Kauri team students went to the Lovelock track for athletics. We all had an amazing day and I had a great time. My favourite event was running.    

Well done Claire, Alyzae,Marley R, and phillip for making the Owairaka school athletics team.